Case Study: Encompass
Architects and Engineers

The Objective

Encompass approached us with a concern about the image the company was portraying with their dated website. Their website’s design was old and tired looking so the requested a makeover which very soon became a complete rebuild.

It was necessary because we discovered there were errors in the basic functionality of the website. And often it is better to start with the latest technologies and a clean slate rather than repair and replace the old. There was also interest in improving the site’s visibility and increasing traffic to the site.

The Solution

Hemera’s programmers, graphic artists, marketers and SEO specialists went to work with Encompass to create a modern website design with lasting power and SEO solutions to increase the number of leads coming from the site.

Hemera has also developed a stable error free platform that was easy to navigate and error free. Hemera also provided website edit training so that Encompass staff could easily update the site with fresh content in house.

The Results

Encompass was pleased with the design as it reflects their professionalism and engineering persona. Their new website and SEO placed them at the very top of Google, Bing and Yahoo for many of the keywords related to their services. See live search results below.

Encompass needed a duel SEO strategy, one for local business and another for nationwide opportunities. Something that Hemera has ability and experience in planning and execution.

The development of the Encompass website used the latest technologies and included a CMS for easy in-house editing. Their new website was up and running in 4 weeks and over the course of several months their rankings continued to improve along with the number of leads generated.

To perform the demo simply click on the magnifying glass and a new browser tab will open, the keywords are automatically added to the search box and the search is automatically triggered.

Now just look for the domain name in the search results. in the search results at the top of the page.

Keyword “building commissioning eden prairie”
Pg 1, Pos 1 Search Results –
Pg 1 pos 3 Google Maps

Keyword “building commissioning minnetonka”
Page 1, Positions 1 and 2Magnifying-Google-H95.png

Keyword “forensic engineers eden prairie”
Pge 1 Pos 1 Search Results and Pg 1 Pos 1 Bing Local 

Keyword “forensic engineers eden prairie”
Pg 1,  Pos 3  Search Results – Google maps position 2 Magnifying-Google-H95.png

Keyword “forensic engineers eden prairie”
Pg 1, Pos 3 Search Results – Pg 1 Pos 2 Google Maps

Keyword “forensic engineering firms eden prairie”
Page 1, Position 1

Keyword “Solar Array Support minnetonka”
Page 1, Position 2

Keyword “forensic engineers eden prairie”
Page 1, Position 1 Search Results

Keyword “forensic engineers eden prairie”
Page 1, Position 1 and 3

Keyword “forensic engineering firms eden prairie”
Page 1, Position 2

Keyword “Parking Ramp Certification Mpls”
Page 1, Position 3 

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